Port City Apartments Colombo

Port City Apartments Colombo 

Proper engineering studies were undertaken before the Colombo Port City project began, said Port City Colombo Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Liang Thow Ming.

Ming further said two of their experts in coastal engineering spent a year researching wave dynamics before they hit the drawing boards. “It was to ensure the project didn’t impact Colombo’s North and South shores,” he said.

 Liang Thow Ming shared these views in a recent seminar organized by Sri Lanka ‘s Organization of Professionals’ Association (OPA) at their Colombo Auditorium.

He was invited to comment on the mega investment project under the theme ‘Port City and Sri Lanka ‘s Future.’

Liang Thow Ming, addressing the crowd, compared the broad strip of Port City land, if properly reclaimed, to a blank sheet of paper that one might draw upon freely (meaning, plan). He said it should be seen as an opportunity to build one of the world’s top cities right here in Sri Lanka for which every Lankan can be proud.

He said the Port City proposal is also immense from a local perspective, in terms of scale it will have 21,000 units of homes, as well as growing the office space currently available in Colombo to 5 times that of 300,000 to 1,5 million square metres.

“However, we are not huge relative to other global projects; the Palm Jumeirah is twice the size of Port City and the Marina Bay in Singapore is 330 hectares, which is 15 per cent bigger. We do have the potential in this area to be the best, however. So, we have tried to strategize this together with the government, and what we want to do is actually target Port City toward South Asia as a whole, “he says.

He asked questions from the audience why Sri Lanka is suitable for this initiative, pointing to his presentation and the compact circles around the island, each reflecting only one hour flying time from Katunayake airport, Liang said. “If you look at the first circle, then the second circle, we will have reached the 5 southernmost provinces of India by the time we came to the second circle. And there are 450 million people in there.

Then you will go to Mumbai in about half an hour and in three and a half hours to New Delhi, in three and a half hours to cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and get to Dubai in just over four hours. That’s what the Prime Minister spoke about when he said that Sri Lanka could fill the vacuum of a financial city between Dubai and Singapore; because we’re right in the middle of it.

Speaking of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI), he said it was split into two parts, one overlooking the land and the other overlooking the water. “The one over land is called the belt, and the one above the ocean is called the lane. We ‘re in the middle of the road and we’re also at the heart of shipping routes between Africa and Asia as well as Europe and Asia, which is why Colombo is South Asia’s biggest port.

On the other side, Colombo has been hailed as South Asia’s most livable city he adds, citing a statistic given by Mercer. “And I accept that Colombo is very beautiful and very fine, but what we need to do in Port City is going to be a quantum leap.”

Port City Apartments Colombo

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