KPC Registration


KPC Registration

Our Reputation of  Construction Company Comes from Mr. K. P. C. Fernando Founder of K. P. C. Builders Ltd. Government Registered since 8th March 1952 under P.W.D. Record Book No. 1253. Since then we are registered in 13 Government Institutions.

Good Investment Options

Good Investment Options Introduction

Investment is defined as the commitment of the current financial resources to make higher profits
Look ahead. It deals with what is termed domains of uncertainty. From that description the meaning of
Time and the future emerge, as two essential investment components. Consequently, the information that
Can help form a view of the degree of certainty regarding the future investment status
Significant. Investment and saving are distinct from an economic perspective; investing is known as the
Total revenues not spent on consumption, whether or not invested to achieve higher returns.
Consumption is characterized as the total spending on goods and services used to meet one’s own needs
Needs over a given time. The savings or saving costs, as well as the consumption, may be
Determined by different statistical techniques at the macroeconomic level, or at the person level.

good investment options

Good Investment Options


Ravindra Meewaddana
Structural Consultant BSc Eng (Hons.) CEng.
MICE (London), MIE (Sri Lanka)


Lakshman Fernando
Architectural Consultant

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Negombo, 11500, Sri Lanka.

Mobile : +94 0 777630930.

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