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The gents Brief Style “BODY FIT” is a German Style & the cut, Is very unique and gently fit-on to the Body with easy and free with a Feeling of Protection to the Intimacy, Giving the finical strength of mind & Body.
The fit-on is absolutely exclusive Body Fit with a real grip, But you are not, Feel the discomfort neither nor your knowledge that you are wearing an under wear.
The construction of this product has reached the approval of the International Standard.
The raw materials are Imported with the test reports on consignment basis. And the accessories are made only with Internationally recognize factories. The product is hygienically manufactured with an Air-Condition Environment.
The pleasing of this produce is only with Black & White colours With a Rich & neat look, Certainly not feels to stay longer, and the Best “Body Fit” after wash.

The Body fit is carefully designed and specified mainly to wear the gentlemen of age between 20-45 with deferent types of bodies. Such as Athletic for high grip, people with bulging out for holding the stomach, Hard Working people, and those who like to be stronger all the day round.

Please wear the Body Fit high waist up to the top of the navel to learn the Deference.

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